The Crack’em Story

The Aha Moment:

Hi, I’m Dave Tennant, a Marine Veteran and creator of the Crack’em.  In 2013 I was cooking eggs for his wife who was pregnant with our first child.  I cracked the eggs on the side of the pan (my typical egg-cracking method) and made a huge mess.  Half the egg fell in the pan and the other half fell outside the pan and onto the stove.  When I was cleaning the pan I noticed that egg drippings that run down the outside of the pan were being cooked.  This cooked and uneatable egg were wearing off the finish and were destroying my cooking pans.  As I continued to clean the stove I thought “How can I save my pans and prevent an eggy mess from occurring?”  I immediately started brainstorming and looked at the spoon rest my wife and I always  used on the counter top next to my stove…and that’s when the idea for the Crack’em hit me!

Oh if you’re wondering…my daughter was born a month later and is the highlight our our life!

Tami and Hallie

Tami, my wife and Hallie, our daughter!

Designing the Crack’em:

I spent over a year developing different designs.  I identified 4 specific design criteria for the Crack’em:

1. Ergonomically Simple- It needed to be something that would facilitate cracking eggs, not make it more difficult, and EASY TO CLEAN!

2. Aesthetically Designed- We wanted the design to be something people would like to display in their kitchen even if it isn’t in use!

3. Functionality- It needed to provide perfect functionality every time it was used!

4. Durability- We wanted it to be one single and solid product so that cleaning it is a breeze!

After over a year of testing different materials and designs, I finalized the current Crack’em.

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