Perfectly Cracked Eggs- A Short Crack’em Video from Crack’em Eggs seen onDiscovery Channel

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Crack’em Features

Cracks Eggs, Contains Messes, Captures Eggs Shells, Spoon/Spatula Rest,

Food Safe Plastic, Dishwasher Safe, and…It’s Recyclable!

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Perfect for Kids!

Using this product was easy and clean up was a breeze!  It worked so well my 5 year old was able to help me crack eggs!
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Jessica Simms, Blogger, Sweet ‘N Sour Deals.com
The Crack’em is one of these tools like the Beater Blade that makes me wonder just how I lived without it. I would get a bunch of them to serve as the perfect stocking stuffer for your baking friends. They will bless you!
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-Rose Levy Beranbaum, Best Selling Author/Blogger
My students and I love the Crack’em!  It’s so easy to use and works perfectly every time.  We never have to spend class time cleaning egg messes again!
-Cheryl, Culinary Arts Teacher, Fruita, CO

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